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Quiet Bravery

As I watched my daughter walk into her Junior High the other morning, I remembered that sometimes strength is quiet, unseen, and unsung. Sometimes great bravery goes unnoticed.

Sometimes bravery is just simply showing up. Sometimes it is keeping your mouth shut when you want to say something. Sometimes it is listening instead of speaking.

Sometimes it is just being willing to be seen as you. Perfectly imperfect. Unique. Flawed.

It's tricky. Mental and emotional strength are invisible. It is not easy to see. It’s not obvious like physical strength can be seen with well developed muscles and a chiseled six pack! Sometimes mental and emotional strength are silent. And it goes unnoticed. And because it goes unnoticed the person who is brave can often disappear into the shadows.

So, just a reminder to keep an eye out for the quiet bravery and the silent strength. There are lots of people out there who are being so strong and brave everyday... and we may forget to see it.

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