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A little more about me!

Yep.  I'm a dork! I'm goofy and energetic and a little silly at times.  But I've also experienced extreme stress and anxiety and learned how to change the false narrative I was telling myself, changing my outlook on life, and ultimately changing my whole life by practicing living mindfully daily.  And now my mission is to pass those benefits of mindful awareness to you so you can live with more presence, joy, and peace... and way less stress and anxiety! I think we are wasting so much of our precious time worrying and living in stress that we are missing some of life's most beautiful moments. I'd like to help bring those moments back!


Bringing Mindfulness Into the Community

My wish is to bring more joy and positivity to you through mindful living. I started in my own home with my husband and 3 children and have passed it onto thousands of students from there in my previous job as co-founder of Mud Flower Yoga for 5 years. I have worked with thousands of students and teachers in the Texas education system, bringing mindfulness into schools as well as to hundreds of families!  Prior to that I was lucky enough to spend 20 years working with kids and adults in the musical theatre industry.

I teach with irreverence, truth, humor, creativity, energy, 80's rock music, and big-hearted themes inspired by my life experiences. I believe that everyone is creative, there is no such thing as failure, and age is just a number.  My hope is that my students leave my class feeling refreshed, inspired, energized, and with a seed of hope and positivity to carry them through the day, week, or month ahead of them.

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I am a 500hr E-RYT, (twice 200 hr certified) YACEP, Restorative Yoga, Little Flower Yoga, and Rocket Yoga certified teacher.  As an added bonus, I am experienced in aerial silks, tap dance, all kinds of art, and decades of performing, directing, & choreographing musical 

theatre. I've spent over 20 years working with children but I am equally happy working with people of all ages!

I am here for you!

I've got you.

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