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One Minute to De-stress

We are in a constant whirlwind of hustle culture these days, keeping our days filled to the brim with "to do's" and errands and lists, oh my! The busier we are, the more we are praised as productive or successful. I mean, how many times have you answered "How's it going?" with "Busy!"

(Raises hand) Guilty.

But the truth is, that hustle culture is causing a society of over-worked, stress-out, less-than-joyful humans. It is sucking the joy out of our days by leaving no room to be mindfully present, practice self-care, or cultivate real connections.

After years of teaching mindfulness, I have learned that sometimes the quickest and simplest...and certainly the cheapest... way to come into the moment, let go of worry, and reduce stress, is just to breathe! But the key is knowing how to breathe.

So, stop where you are, relax your body, and inhale for 5.

Keep going.

Inhale a little more.

Feel your breath move all the way into your low belly, ribs, and back.

Now exhale slowly for 5.

Take your time.

Empty all the way out.

A little more.

If you repeat this 6 times, that will be 1 minute of mindfulness.

One Minute. That's all you need to bring yourself into the moment, calm you brain and body and nerves and reduce your stress all day!

Thats it!

Doesn't cost a dime.

And it's with you everywhere you go.

Happy mindful breathing!

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