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5 Benefits of Being Outdoors

Since it's Earth day, I wanted to share these 5 benefits of simply being outside! I've always LOVED just being outside since I was a kid. I remember in high school my best friend (who was literally every teacher's favorite student!) would convince them to take the whole class outside on a beautiful day to the parking lot to learn! And I'll never forget those outdoor classes. They were so memorable. I don't know if I learned better or my spirits were simply lifted just by getting a little mid-day sunlight, but those moments have stuck with me forever! I have a feeling that these 5 benefits below were all working together to make those memorable moments stick!

5 Benefits of Being Outside

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure and reduces stress! Just by being outside, soaking in the sun, breathing in the air, and hearing all the sounds of the outdoor, no matter where you are, you can actually lower your stress levels and reduce blood pressure!

  2. Boost Your mood! Being outside just lifts your spirits! And I'm guessing that helps lead to the above benefits! By just being outdoors, it is shown that your spirits lift and your mood lightens. I'll never forget that when each of my girls was a baby and having an inconsolable infant moment, just a simple walk outside would calm them. In fact, sometimes, just feeling the outdoors air would silence their cries and bring them a sense of peace almost instantly. It was often a lifesaver for this tired mama!

  3. Improves Focus. I might need this benefit the most! And although I can't say I know exactly how this one works but here is my best totally unprofessional guess: As a mom, when I am in the house, I am distracted by a To Do list a mile long and I can't focus

  4. Helps with Healing. This one was fascinating! If you think about it, reducing blood pressure and stress and boosting our mood would lead to faster healing! Plus the fresh air and sunlight that you get outside... well, it makes sense to me!

  5. This one might be my favorite... Helps With Graceful Aging!!! I don't case how or why this one works, but COUNT. ME. IN. But seriously, again, looking back on the previous benefits, it does all add up! Additionally, studies shows that people who spend more time outside tend to move more and that helps reduce inflammation in the joints, creating a healthier body!

So basically, get outside.

It's simple.

It's good for you.

And that is a fact.

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