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Setting a 2021 Family Mantra

This will be our 3rd year of setting a family mantra to guide and inspire us for the year ahead.

In 2019 it was "Yes and..."

In 2020 we thought it would be "Live Your Dream" ...but we all know how that went. It actually ended up being "Be Still and Listen."

And in 2021 it is "Celebrate, Now!"

We have learned from 2020 that there is no time to waste and we could definitely use something to celebrate. We don't know what tomorrow will bring anymore and plans have been cancelled and postponed and the only time is now! We cannot wait or postpone any more celebrations! In fact, we need to celebrate the simple and little things we don't celebrate enough. Made it to Friday? Celebrate! Got all caught up on the laundry? Celebrate! Made it through the day without any of the kids having a meltdown? Celebrate! You get the picture!

And celebrating will look different for everyone. Sometimes it will be a dance party. Sometimes it might be a cake! Other times it might be a fancy dinner!

This will keep us looking for occasions to celebrate! We will seek out the moments of success and the moments we are proud of ourselves or our family and spend a little more time of them... not letting them go by unnoticed. We will make the most of every day, week, and month by looking for those moments, big and small that we can celebrate.

Here are the 3 rules we have come up with for our Year of Celebration:

1. No more than 7 days between celebrations. This will mean a minimum of one celebration per week! 52 celebrations in 2021.

2. Each celebration will be documented with a photo with everyone in it. As parents, we are rarely in photos with the kids and we want more photos, so we threw this one in so we would get more pics! Also we will have a record of all of our celebrations!

3. Nothing can be celebrated twice. This means at least 52 different things will be celebrated next year! This will keep us on our toes and creative and always looking for moments and events to celebrate in our everyday life.

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